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How to schedule several scans?

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Hi everybody!

I would like to know how scheduled several scans antivirus on one computer (or group).

My needs are to schedule a daily scan the evening, with "skif if offline", and an other scan weekly, without "skip if offline".

Could you give me a tip?


Best regards,


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  • Up.

    I would like to know if it is possible or not.

    In the Schedule Scan, we can set only one scan for same machines' selection..

    So, maybe I must install a plug in, or activate features in Kaseya.


  • I am also interested in this topic. Does anyone have a registry tweak that would turn on multiple scan options?

    How can we make it so that when KAV is first installed it does a full scan.

    I see we are very limited as to how much we can tweak currently with KAV.. I hope 6.3 kav has some real improvements.