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AV Update causing too much internet traffic at once

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A client of mine called today saying that his internet connectivity had all but stopped due to all of his machines updating Kaspersky at once.  As a quick fix, I changed the updating schedule from Automatic to Saturday at like 2:00AM.  However, I would like for the AV updates to be included in the patch management portion of Kaseya or the ability to designate a local server or local machine to distribute the updates.  This should be a plus for both sides by alleviating a ton of internet traffic on both sides.

If this has been discussed elsewhere, I apologize... I searched quite a bit before I posted.

Oh yea, I also should add that I am on the IT Center or (Cloud Version) of Kaseya.



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  • Hey Matt,

    Good news--we've got changes coming in VSA 6.2 which will enable us to add the local file source distribution feature to KAV in a future release.  So stand-by...

    Jeff Keller

    Product Manager


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  • 459-736 works fine and is what we use on all sites, same definitions as 747 uses.