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I need a working Symantec removal script

  • Rick, I had to do this for XP 32bit machines, over 40 so far worked well.

    I believe I have seen scripts to help work with or disable UAC.  But check to see if that registry exists as other scripts I checked on this board didnt work for me.

  • To get around UAC, you need to run as SYSTEM and not the user.

  • To dissable UAC on windows 7 run this step in a procedure:

    Set Registry Value


    change value to 0

    the data type is REG_DWORD

    *****This does not take affect until the computer is rebooted******

  • After a bit of testing, I wanted to follow-up with some of my gripes about SEPprep:

    1. The reboots are not configurable. In other words, the application will reboot without asking (in unattended mode).

    2. SEPprep is basically a universal uninstaller. However, if your uninstalls were failing due to a corrupt uninstaller, they will still fail with SEPprep.

    3. There is a way to configure different uninstall switches, but not per product. It only gives you one line to set custom switches.

  • for the reboot: that is configurable. Its one of the things in the .ini file. Did you download the SEPprep manual? it outlines how to use the tool