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Slow Performance with Kaspersky and Windows Updates

  • Does anyone else find that their CPU usage goes through the roof when updates are applied with KAV installed?

  • This is a common issue for many Kaspersky users (even retail Kaspersky products) and it seems to correlate with the amount of RAM installed (and in use).

    It doesn't affect all users, but it seems to be more prevalent on low-end machines or high-end machines with users who do a lot of multitasking.  Your best bet in those environments is to schedule updates after hours when the impact will be minimal.

  • FYI, we just issued a Hotfix which enables the Kaspersky "concede resources" option by default.  This Kaspersky feature--which is enabled by Kaspersky's retail products by default--allows the operating system and other application processes to take priority when needed (without sacrificing real-time protection).  This may help users who experience latency during updates and scans.

    To take advantage of this change, download the latest Hotfixes (KAV 1.1 Hotfix 4109 - 4119), then re-apply the profile to the affected endpoints to ensure this value is set.

    Jeff Keller

    Product Manager


  • How can I apply these updates to my IT Center managed clients?

  • Hotfixes are applied to SaaS every Thursday or Saturday during the scheduled maintenance window so you'll have to wait until the SaaS servers are updated.  Since you can't verify your hotfix level in SaaS you'll have to confirm the update via an alternate method.  I would recommend that you wait until next Monday, then reapply the KAV profile on one of your machines, then go into the Kaspersky UI to verify the setting:


  • @Jeff

    Where in the client GUI can we check to confirm that the setting was applied?

  • The URL above provides more information on where to go and what to look for in the GUI but, in simple summary; you can find this setting in "Protection" > "Settings".

  • The link provided showed screenshots from older versions.  I just found it under settings, options, compatibility, concede resources to other applications.  Unfortunately it didn't turn on after installing the hotfix and applying the profile again.  I just turned it on manually for now to see if it makes a difference for me anyway.

  • Ah, sorry for the wrong link (and thank you phlight for providing the correct path)

  • SaaS was patched this evening so the change should now be effective for IT Center customers.

  • Hey Jeff

    Is there a way to tell if we have the 1.1 installed?  I think I have downloaded it but I do not have control over the updates and need to see if it was installed.


  • Great question Gary.  There are 3 ways to verify the version of KAV you have:

    1 - System > Server Management > License Manager (on-prem VSA customers only)

    2 - Antivirus > Machines > [select a machine] > In the detail/inspector pane (on the right), the Version is prefixed by the KAV version (1.1.x.x =  KAV 1.1)

    3 - Antivirus > Machines > [select the "version" columnset] > the "Service Version" is prefixed by the KAV version (1.1.x.x =  KAV 1.1)