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New KAV bug, currently under investigation by engineering and support

  • Manually assigning the profiles to the machines from the Kaseya > Anti-Virus area also doesn't work, doesn't error simply doesn't apply the profile.

  • Thanks guys.  We'd like to look at the issues you're having so please open a ticket so that we can review your specific symptoms.  If there's something else we need to patch, having access to the affected machines is paramount.  Thanks again!

  • Don't install KAV 1.1 if you haven't folks.  Even with todays apparent update its still not fixed.

    Don't buy Kaseya saying it was fixed and to open tickets for machines that don't work.

    We've done 5 tests of the problem today and found that all 5 machines failed to apply their profiles during installation.  Kaseya support has been less than helpful to resolve this issue today even after 3 tickets were opened.  I get the blanket template responses from them.

  • I can understand your frustration MCSNetworks, but there are a lot of people already running KAV 1.1--many of whom were not affected by this issue and many who were (but for whom the fix worked).  

    For the remaining users who are still experiencing issues we need access to your machines to determine the root cause because we can't replicate these symptoms in our dev and test environments.  Unfortunately, submitting tickets is the only vehicle we have to resolve these issues.  

    Bugs suck.  Nobody is disputing the inconvenience--but we have all-hands responding to this right now and your participation is truly appreciated in helping us identify the root cause by submitting tickets.

  • Going to put my neck out here and say my customers are not experiencing the problem and we are running KAV 1.1 so I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Dont get my started on KES blue screening my customers servers though (waiting for KAV for servers)

  • Q&A just posted a hotfix for the profile issue and it corrected our profile-push problem.

    Many Thanks!

  • Hey gang, great news; the hotfix was just posted and early reports indicate that it has resolved the issue.  There may be edge-case exceptions, so if you are still experiencing an issue, let us know (by submitting a ticket ;-)

    Thanks for the feedback!  Now that the developers have put this to rest, they can get back to working on KAV for Servers!

  • Can anyone confirm that the patch has been applied for SAAS customers? I have a ticket open but haven't received any response.

  • Would these hotfixes be seen in the System | Configure | Hotfix History stream? I don't see them in my Hotfix history.

  • RandySpangler,

    These hotfixes should in fact show in the Hotfix History.  I have noticed that the hotfixes are not always chronological on that page, you would need to scan the full KAV hotfixes portion of the history page.  If you PM me your ticket number, I can get on your server and take a look at the hotfixes and make sure we get them all applied.

    Jerry Battaglia,

    I hope to have more information on SaaS scheduling soon, but for the time being, the hotfixes have not been applied to the hosted servers.



    Kaseya Support

  • It is tkt  #cs053979. (Sorry, couldn't figure out how to send a message on this forum system. Grrrrr.)

  • Just a quick update to let you know that the SaaS/Ops Team is scheduled to run out-of-band patching tonight at 9pm EST.

  • Looks like the hotfixes resolved this on our end- KAV Kaspersky reporting is showing correct updates and scan times now.