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New KAV bug, currently under investigation by engineering and support

  • We have identified an issue with the communication layer between Kaseya and Kaspersky Antivirus.  The issue can manifest in multiple ways, including;

    • Failure to update Kaspersky Licenses
    • Failure to apply KAVSkin updates / customizations
    • Failure to complete installations
    • Failure to apply profile changes / updates

    I hope to have more information in the coming hours.




    Kaseya Support

  • We have an ETA on when this will be fixed.  This was introduced on 4/25/11.

    Its now affecting 125+ KAV agents and I can no longer install new agents.

  • Small update, the issue only appears to affect KAV 1.1 installations.


  • I can confirm that, we moved to KAV 1.1 a few days before the problem hit us.

  • we are also experiencing this issue on KAV 1.1

  • We have all-hand-on-deck investigating the issue right now and I'll post another update when we know more.  Stand-by...

  • It would be nice if the fix would include an update to the existing installations without having to reinstall.

  • Erin,

    From the current look of things, the fix should be able to be pushed via a hotfix, and not require a reinstall at all.  

    Standard disclaimers apply, since we don't have the fix fully finished at this point, but the early reports from engineering are promising.  


    Kaseya Support

  • Any update on this?

  • Hoping we hear more by EOB pacific time.

  • We are currently testing a possible resolution on a few affected endpoints to verify the fix works.  I'll post another update when we know more.

  • At this point we have a promising fix that is going back through QA, and a target hotfix release by EOB today, barring complications found in testing.  


  • Any updates on this as is is now EOB ? I checked for pending hot fixes and did not find any  for KAV

  • According to techs, should be late tonight or early tomorrow. Will see.

  • The fix has been released to QA for testing this evening.  As you can imagine (and appreciate) we want to make sure we don't rush this out the door with additional issues.  It will be ready when they've had a chance to do thorough automated and manual testing.  Hang-in there guys...