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KAV icon

  • I have noticed on some installations that the icon in the system tray is for Kaspersky and not Kaseya and the rest of the Kaseya branding is missing.  It appears to have the correct settings applied via the profile but I'd prefer that the icon be consistent.  I have reapplied the profile, verified the installation and rebooted the PC but it hasn't resolved the issue.

    What needs to be done here?

  • We are having the same issue.  The agent doesn't finish installing, doesn't report back its status, license information doesnt install correctly etc.

    Ours has been broken since 4/25/11.  Support hasn't been very supportive.  They've send the ticket to the dev team on Thursday, so far no response.

  • We believe this is related to a larger issue with the LUA scripting engine that we are troubleshooting at the moment.  All-hands are on deck to solve this as quickly as possible.  Stand-by for an update...