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KAV and KAM DB Release Date

  • Does anyone have a script to check the KAV and KAM registry and/or file for DB release date? I would still like to be able to interrogate the device via a script to see if it's updated and /or last scan.


  • Does anyone have any scripts to check for KAV and/or KAM beng installed?

  • Hi Billmcci,

    It sounds like you're trying to get the definitions-date for each product (as opposed to the Kaspersky/MWB Product Version, Engine Version and/or KAV, KAM product version... there are a lot of versions to consider), correct?

    If it is indeed the definition-data you are looking for, MWB does store this in the registry, but Kaspersky does not.  You can get it from Kaspersky via a complex password protected CLI command, but it would probably be an inelegant solution for you to go through to get this information.

    We are currently working on including alerts with the next release of KAV and KAM which may solve your issue by giving you an update if something is out of date or did not complete, so perhaps this will satisfy your need.

    Jeff Keller

    Product Manager


  • unless I have misunderstood the requirements..............


  • Can you post the CLI command? I'd like to look at what information it returns.


  • Hi Billmcci, I believe this post has everything you need:  community.kaseya.com/.../55878.aspx

  • Oops, sorry (wrong thread...) this is what you need:

    avp.com export rtp "c:\[some path]\export.dat"

  • So the Database Release Date is in the file that the above command will generate? Do you happen to know the <key name>?