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KAV Q1 Release?

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Q1 has been and gone, any news on the Q1 release for KAV?  I have clients ready to take KAV but are reluctant to do so without the server component.

Fine if there have been delays, I just need to set clients expectations if it's gonna be much longer.



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  • Thanks Michael--and yes, both KAV and KAM were recently updated to 1.1 so everyone who's running 1.0 of either KAV or KAM should upgrade.  There are a significant number of changes under the hood (no new features) and all hotfixes will *only* support 1.1 and later--so all 1.0 customers should upgrade.

  • @ Jeff.  nice to see the version numbers.  I think we can all appreciate the very quick turn-around on this.  A simple change but nice to see things happen pretty quickly.


  • Just as a FYI/reminder to anyone who's reading, upgrading the KAV module will restart your Kaseya services (not just the KAV module).  Should be obvious, but I had a brain-fart and took out our server for 5 minutes while the schema was reapplied.  Oops.

    Any news on when we might be looking at getting the Server component?

    Or, in other "I might have an issue here" news, is there anyway of having the Kaspersky File Server trial connect into Kaseya for licensing of the server component?

    We had a nasty virus outbreak at a small client a few weeks back, and we had some FANTASTIC service from Kaseya - At client site till 4 in the morning redeploying antivirus clients and manually fixing workstations (Symantec (installed) didn't detect it, AVG/Eset/McAfee/Panda/Trend/F-Prot/Vipre all detected it but would quarantine the EXE - every single EXE on the system was compromised so that was a bad option.  Kaspersky detected, and cleaned).  Called up Kaseya Support (Australia - we're in Canada), they switched our unused licenses over from KES -> KAV, allowing us the switchover (may be a cost involved, but at 3 AM, you pay it to get to bed before 6), and our client is secure again.  Only downside is that we were forced to run the server component as a trial.

    What would our options be on our servers?

    Again, can't stress enough how appreciative we are that Kaseya support was able to deal with our licensing issue and migration to KAV.  Someone needs a cookie for that one.

  • We were told yesterday at the HTG meeting that KAV 1.2 with both the server client and alerting functionality is on schedule to be released sometime in May. They didn't get more specific than that, but it at least narrows it down to sometime in the next 3 weeks or so. I sure hope they follow through and that it works, I'd really like to start transitioning from KES to KAV.

  • Version 1.2 (Server Support, Alerts, Trusted Apps, Enhanced Reporting) was originally scheduled for code-completion by the end of May (code complete means that it's ready for QA to begin regression/feature-set testing which can take 1-3 weeks).  But because we're dependent on new code from Kaspersky--and it has been delayed by at least a month on Kaspersky's side--we will be delayed on 1.2.  

    If Kaspersky can deliver by the revised committment date, we're hoping for  a controlled release to customers mid-Q3.   Again, this depends on Kaspersky--and I apologize for the delay, but I'll keep you in the loop.

    PS - It was nice to meet many of you over the last few days at User Conference in Las Vegas.

  • Is the 1.2 update going to cointain the 2011 engine?

  • Version 1.2 will support the latest commercial release of the Server Engine, but the workstation engine will remain unaffected for this particular release (to reduce the possibility of any further delays).

  • Thanks Jeff.

    We appreciate your updates on this matter and as IT people we can appreciate the technical stuff going on in the background.  Thanks.

    IMO Kaseya has a significant problem managing their customers (ie all of us) expectations.    If we promised our customers that we would provide a solution to them "when its good and ready", only half deliver on the initial release, promise to fix the issues in 1.1, failed to deliver on that, promise to fix it in 1.2 in april, then delay till may, then delay till sometime in Q3 (which could technically be as late as September!) and charge our clients for the service throughout - we would be out of business.  its very bad look for Kaseya.

    My expectations think on this matter is that it will likely be "good and ready" (with close to ALL problems being ironed out) around 12 months after the initial release.  This is an expectation I think can be delivered.  Wow.  

    From this point onwards I will be ignoring all Kaseya V1 releases for any component.  I have been let down too many times.


  • Thanks jdvuyk.  

    Having just inherited the responsibility of managing the Security products--I can't speak to the commitments that were made prior to my tenure--but I also can't disagree with any of your statements (and I certainly don't blame you for being more than a bit skeptical).

    But if you look at what was accomplished in the last 6-8 weeks since I've joined the team, you should be able to see a very public and visible shift in how we do business for KAV.  We've developed and shipped the first full-point release to stabilize the product.  We've shipped almost a dozen hotfixes.  We've reduce ticket counts and response times by more than 50%.  We've been front-and-center in the forums and public events discussing what we're doing to address customer needs.  And overall, we've sought to be more transparent--sharing information on the development processes, our successes and our failures (i.e. the Kaspersky delay).

    I know that some of that doesn't help you deliver a better solution to your customer, but I hope you can find some comfort in the fact that we're making a lot of changes which *will* help you deliver a better product.  To keep it in perspective though, we are selling tens of thousands of licenses every day, with most customers profitably deploying KAV without issue.  There's certainly room for improvement (and we'll get there--the product is only 5 months old) but I'm pleased to see so many customers making fantastic money--even with the early versions of this product.  

    Hang in there and thanks for your patience!

  • Thanks Jeff.

    I did write that in an overly skeptical way to make a point, but its essentially all true.  I do appreciate the apparent changes that are happening which has resulted in a lot more information coming from you.  This is good.  The only problem is that we haven't yet experienced the fruits of this change.  This will take time and I appreciate that.

    In our case the frustrations come from the fact that we are *desperate* to install KAV on servers.  We have a few servers out there that currently have no AV *at all* due to the fact that our current main AV product sometimes kills these servers, randomly, for no reason.  We keep holding off putting some other product on because KAV is apparently just around the corner.  Every delay leaves us more time with no av on these machines which makes us very nervous.  Some might read this and go "no av on a server, your nuts" - possibly true.  But the tactical decision to do this and wait for KAV is being drawn out by these constant delays meaning these machine will spend far far more time with no AV on them than we ever could have anticipated.  Again, we are desperate to get this! But looks like we have to wait or come up with another solution.  

    Regardless of these issues. keep up the good work that _you_ are doing.

  • I may have some options to provide un-managed copies of Kaspersky Server on a case-by-case basis so for those needing this while we wait for 1.2 to arrive, please contact me offline via email to discuss (jeff.keller@kaseya.com).

  • Jeff,

    How is it that we were just told at the HTG conference 2 days ago that KAV 1.2 was still on schedule for May, and now you're saying it's a mid-Q3 release? You guys really need to get your stories straight and have a single place to set expectations for release dates, because to say this is getting frustrating is quite an understatement. I appreciate that you're active on the forums and providing some updates here, but there needs to be consistency in the information being put out by Kaseya. Our company's owner was at HTG and was the one that was told about the May release date. He was quite happy to hear we could finally use the product that we bought 2000 licenses for 5 months ago, and now I get to tell him the truth.

    We've invested a lot of time and money in your product, and these perpetual delays definitely seem to be the norm rather than the exception. Kaseya promises the world, then pushes the release date 3-6 months (if we're lucky), rips out half the promised features, finally releases a product that needs a ton of hotfixes just to get somewhat stable, and then expects a pat on the back because they finally got a product to market.

    I know you just recently took over the KAV program so please don't think I'm holding this against you personally. This rant is directed at how Kaseya does business across the board. I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here, but until things change, I guess I'll just keep venting because we're too invested in Kaseya to switch at this point. Thanks for listening.

  • I am not sure how everyone heard May.  I was at the kaseya conference and at no time did I hear anyone say that KAV 1.2 was coming out in May.  Not really sure how that date ended up at the HTG conference.  What we were told was end of Q2 beginning of Q3.  

  • The answer is simple; the Kaseyans at HTG were unaware of the recent Kaspersky delay.  It does make us look bad--so my apologies.  I'll try to figure out where the internal communication broke down to prevent this from happening again.

  • Thanks Jeff.