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KAV Q1 Release?

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Q1 has been and gone, any news on the Q1 release for KAV?  I have clients ready to take KAV but are reluctant to do so without the server component.

Fine if there have been delays, I just need to set clients expectations if it's gonna be much longer.



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  • we are in the same boat.  the server component is critical.

  • As the newly minted Product Manager for KAV, KES and KAM, I wanted to take a minute introduce myself and to give you a quick update.

    As many of our customers already know, late last year, in an effort to respond to the overwhelming number of customer requests for a Kaspersky-based product, we elected to accelerate the delivery of KAV 1.0 without all of the functionality found in the more mature KES product.  We certainly would have preferred to release KAV with a feature-set on parity with KES, but the resounding voice of our customers made it clear that they wanted the Kaspersky engine--with or without the depth of features found in KAV (as long as we committed to enhancing the feature set in subsequent releases).  

    KAV 1.0 met the needs of many of our customers but we recognized that it needed additional features.  Before we introduced these features, we wanted to devote our first development cycle to ensure that KAV was a stable and scalable platform.  To that end, we just released KAV v1.1 (a maintenance release with no new features or UI changes)  into controlled release yesterday which provides a number of stability and scalability enhancements.  Version 1.1 will ensure that future releases are built on a solid foundation.

    We have recently begun working on KAV v1.2--the focus of which will be the introduction of Windows File Server Support.  We will also take this opportunity to introduce a few other features and adjustments--but the server support remains the core focus of 1.2.  Timeline for v1.2 is tentatively scheduled for the end of Q2 and it's a date we are working hard to meet so stand-by for more announcements.  In the interim, I'm fielding a number of great suggestions and feedback from the community--your passion is certainly welcome and appreciated!

    Jeff Keller

    Product Manager


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  • Jeff - IMHO a key part is Alert Sets and other monitoring, that is a key part of the value if using a platform like Kaseya - we still have NO visibility of KAV clients (except in reports)

  • Jeff,

    Does KAV 1.1 is avilable for download and install?

    Also does KAV 1.1 supports KAV update through central file source or not? Or when it is aviable.

  • I agree with Simon, quite frankly I can't believe KAV was ever released without the ability to do basic alerting for infections or outdated definitions. I was told in November of 2009 that a working beta of KAV with status alerts would be available early in Q1 of 2010. Now we're into Q2 of 2011 and I still don't have a product with basic features that I can safely use in production. To say I'm frustrated at this point is putting it mildly.

  • I agree with you Simon--alerts are fundamental to any managed service offering (and for corporate clients managing large numbers of machines) which is why Alerts and reporting will be improved in v1.2.

  • KAV 1.1 is a maintenance release with no new features or UI changes.  If you would like to participate in the Controlled Release, email me at jeff.keller@kaseya.com and I will get you everything you need.

    Regarding updates from a central file source, it is not included in this release (because 1.1 is a maintenance release), but it *will* be included in a future release.

  • Kcears -- Having just taken over the roll of Product Manager, I can assure you that your complaints are well received and being acted upon as we speak.  I have revised the product roadmap and we have begun working on the features people request most.  As we grow closer to release, I'll be able to share more.

    I know that, for each person that voices concern in these forums, there are probably others feel the same way but don't take the time to share.  I'm taking this feedback to heart and trying to improve the communications from Product Management to keep you in the loop on our direction.   Your feedback has been invaluable and it's truly appreciated.

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  • Do you have an ETA on when alerting will be done? I'm sitting on 2000 KAV licenses that are useless at this point from an MSP's perspective. I was told earlier in Q1 that alerting would be in the 1.1 update, which of course I am now finding out isn't true.

  • Respectfully, you purchased 2,000 licenses to a Version 1.0 product and are surprised that it doesn't work as advertised?  Purchase enough for a test, conduct the test, then purchase more if and when the product performs as expected.  

    Kaseya stated publicly before they released KAV that alerting wasn't a part of v1.0 and that it wouldn't run on a server.  They repeated that information when they released KAV. It really should not come as a surprise to anyone then that these features were not a part of the initial release.

    Is KAV ready for prime time?  Certainly not, at least not in large environments, but complaining about it will not fix the issue.  As with most things Kaseya does, there are two software companies to contend with: Kaseya and the group that actually makes the software Kaseya is leveraging.  Considering the release date for v1.1 slipped (which of course it was going to) you can hardly expect the newly assigned project manager to announce the release date of v1.2.

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  • Bill, with all due respect, our decisions were based on information we were given by the people running the KAV program. So when a critical app such as AV is released with no way to report on it, and it's marketed heavily towards MSPs, yes I'm surprised by that. You're damn right I expect to know when alerting is going to be available, and I don't think that's too much to ask when I was told previously it would be in 1.1 which was scheduled for a late Q1 release.

    Unless you have anything useful for me, like when I can expect basic functionality for KAV to finally be available, please don't bother responding. I would have been happy to discuss this with Kaseya directly in an e-mail, however I can't seem to get a response out of Jeff Keller that way, so I'm chiming in here.

  • Hi guys.  Just wanted to give you a little more background to clear up any confusion.  When I recently assumed the roll of Product Manager, we were scheduled to release version 1.1 with Server and Alert Support, but I made the decision to push those features to 1.2 so that we could focus on an interim maintenance release which enhanced performance and stability.

    You are correct that the Server and Alerting features were due by now, but it would have been a disservice to you guys if we had delivered new features, at the expense of performance and reliability.  We are currently working on 1.2 right now which will include Server and Alerting, and expect to have it code complete in this quarter (Q2).  Then it will go to QA for a thorough analysis.  How long it takes in QA will be determined by the issues they discover--and as you can imagine--we want to be thorough.  We hope to release 1.2 later in Q2, but again, we won't sacrifice the stability just to get it out the door.  

    And regarding my availability, I'd like to think I'm out there; front-and-center.  I've literally sent thousands of emails in the last few weeks since I've assumed this roll--communicating with customers, resolving issues and managing the roadmap.  If anyone has emailed me and failed to get a timely response--my sincere apologies.  To my knowledge, I haven't left any correspondance unresolved, but the volume of communications has not been trivial.  So email directly if you feel I haven't responded adequately to a request.

    Thanks guys,

    Jeff Keller

    Product Manager


  • Everyone has a voice here, that's what makes it a great community.  Please respect each other for their viewpoint even when you don't agree.  

  • Dear Jeff and Brendon,

    As u can clearly feel everyones frustration over your KAV product..Plese do hurry in releasing V1.2 so that it may be useful from A MSP perspective

  • It appears the email replies are unreliable.

    At the risk of asking a really dumb question, will our Kaseya servers and KAV clients be automatically updated, or do we need to take manual action as these releases come out?