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KAV locking up machines

  • @Frank

    So you're not going to deploy any server 2008 R2 boxes either?  That's a first generation release.

    There's nothing wrong with 1st gen releases.  Heck, without them, and without people USING them, there'd never be a 2nd gen release for fixes.  Kaspersky is definitely not a frst generation release.  It may be a first generation release as far as being integrated with Kaseya, but the product itself has been around for quite a while.

    FWIW, we also have seen some KAV slowness and lockups.  But, only on those machines that are slow to begin with (read: old XP boxes with like 1gb of ram) and which need to be upgraded or replaced anyway.  I don't think that this is a Kaseya issue, as we've tested and have seen the same behavior on the same hardware using the AV straight from Kaspersky.

    We've had no slowness/lockup issues at all with KAV when run on decent hardware.

    As far as AVG outperforming KAV... I have to respectfully disagree with you.  We had AVG installed at a large organization that kept getting riddled with viruses that were getting through AVG.  Once AVG was removed and KAV was installed (about 2 months ago) we haven't had a single manual virus removal from that organization.  It used to be at least 4 a week with AVG.  The infection removal reports between AVG and KAV clearly show that KAV is catching a lot more stuff than AVG ever did.

    But, I'm glad that you didn't swap over if it would have put you out of business!

  • The recently released version of KAV (v1.1) does not include any changes at the client (Kaspersky) side.

    As per previous posts, we recommend that anyone experiencing Kaspersky related performance problems or lock-ups runs the GSI report and creates a support ticket. This report will help us identify any possible causes (such as conflicting applications).