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Any way to exclude a process

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Have installed KAV on my laptop and everytime I remote into a machine using kaseya i get a message from Kaspersky that c:\users\userinuse\appdata\local\temp\krlyclis.exe is detected as Riskware.  When I look at the detection in kaseya it shows that it is a PDM.DNS.Query.  Is their any way to exclude this process?

I have tried the wild cards in the KAV proflie and the krlyclis.exe on the exclusions.




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  • There is currently no way to exclude a process (at least in KES).  I submitted this as a FR over a year ago, and suggest you do the same.

  • I logged a support ticket, due to happening on two machines I use in the office for management and they both do the same thing.  One is XP Pro and the other is Windows 7.  Hopefully support can assist.  

  • At the moment you can only do this on the local machine.

    • Open the Kaspersky UI
    • Click on threats detected
    • Open the Status Suspicious set in Detected Threats
    • Right Click on the Item
    • Select to Add to Exclusions

    That will then stop the messages popping up all the time.

  • Yes and noticed today that it flagged AgentMon.exe as a virus.  Kaseya might want to fix that one.

  • I think there may be an issue that sometimes standard Kaspersky is installed not the customized version for Kaseya. Do you see a blue K in the status bar or a red K. Also when you open Kaspersky does it say Kaspersky Antivirus or Kaseya Antivirus ?

  • Its a Green K, not blue or Red, in the status bar. Its definatly the Kaseya version of the product.