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Auto Generate Tickets from alarms and alerts

  • Can Kaseya auto generate tickets from alarms and alerts?

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  • Yes.

    Oh, you probably want to know HOW! (grin)

    Seriously, an alert is anything that happens "wrong"... anything you're triggering on. Could be an agent going offline, could be an entry in an event log, could be an SNMP event, whatever.

    For each type of alert, you can set various actions - and you do that in each screen where thealert is set (in the SNMP screens for SNMP events, inmonitoring for most other types of events, etc.). Those actions can include creating an alarm, sending an email, running a script, or creating a ticket. Creating an alarm is ALWAYS chosen and you can't NOT create one.

    You probably just want to go to each type of alert and modify them so that a ticket is created.

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  • How often does kaseya parse for an alert condition? For instance, if I have a low disk space alert set at 35%, how often will the alarm be generated? Is the alarm generated when an audit is performed? Does it keep generating the alarm every 30 seconds? Are the alarms ever cleared? Will a new ticket be created for a condition if a ticket is already open for that condition? Example being if we receive a ticket for low disk space at 34%, will a new ticket be created at 16% as well? Or does the first ticket have to be closed (or deleted if those are different actions).

  • The alert will be sent just after the machine is audited once only