Emailing an update to a ticket now adds all the anciliary data in the email to the ticket. See a sanitized sample below.

why not use chkdsk from the xp gui? from: [] sent: tuesday, june 12, 2007 11:35 am to:ticketreportssubject: system log generated error event 7 on[ticket notes ~ticid='9930'] ticket id: 9930 machine id: log in and view ticket --------------------------------------------------------- author:author date: 11:34:38 am 12-jun-07 my bios does not have a hd test. i'll try and find one on the net. ---------------------------------------------------------

Obviously this issue is not a crisis but the reader in version 4.7 would cleanly update the ticket with just the text from the reply. The sample above would have appeared in the ticket as simply...

why not use chkdsk from the xp gui?

TIA for any thoughts anyone may have on this.

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