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ConnectWise Ticketing API support

  • pblough wrote:
    What needs to happen is for all of us who are using Connectwise need to make enough noise that Kaseya realizes this is something critical to us. I'd encourage everyone to contal Kaseya and tell them how badly we need this integration.

    Any suggestion on how to accomplish this? They seem uninterested,perhaps they just have too much money and don't want to be bothered with people wanting to buy more licenses and stuff like that.

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  • Someone please help me understand what the fuss is all about. Two of my staff came back from the Connectwise summit all wound up about this supposed lack of cooperation between Connectwise and Kaseya regarding integration of the two products. It was apparently the talk of the conference, and they referred me to a thread started by my good friend Greg Zimmerle, but it has apparently been yanked.

    So I'd like to know: What functionality have we lost or is being taken away? Nothing, as far as I can tell, so what's the immediate problem? Or did I miss something?

    Second, what more functionality/integration do we want to have? And whose responsibility is it to write that integration? I would argue that it is ConnectWise's responsibility. If they want to be the center of the universe as Arnie claims, they ought to be writing the connectors. (On the other hand, as far as connectors go, the e-mail connector is a... well, let's just say we no longer use it. I'm not sure I really want Arnie'sstaffwriting all of the connectors.)

    But I'm not here to bash Connectwise (anymore than I already have). It is as integral to what we do in its own way as Kaseya is.Despite its flaws, it works. (Besides, who else is out there?)

    In the final analysis, I'm notall that interested in ConnectWise, or Kaseya, or Zenith, or LPI, Postini, Asigra, N-Able, or ANY of them dictating to me whose API has to be written to. I would much rather have a neutral third party be the connector between them. All of these vendors have their own agenda. That's the way the world works.All I ask of them is to open their products up so that I can adapt their software to meet my needs. They do that, and I'll take it from there.

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  • The fuss isn't that anything no longer works because it all still does.

    The fuss is that Kaseya has been telling CW for years now that they need to write to Kaseya's API - but as of right now, Kaseya doesn't HAVE an API. ConnectWise does. The current integration is based on reading and writing directly from/to the Kaseya SQL tables and that is prone to breaking when Kaseya makes changes.

    If that were it, there wouldn't be any major issue.

    But Kaseya has announced plans to come out (over the course of the next couple of years) modules that appear to do a lot of what ConnectWise does. That has turned Kaseya and ConnectWise into partial competitors, not valued partners.

    ConnectWise seems to have taken the stance that Kaseya is now trying to compete with them, doesn't have anAPI to write to, and doesn't seem to want to help ConnectWise create any closer integrations and/or even maintain what's already there.

    So without placing blame specifically on either side, the issue is that relations are strained, neither seems to want to take any responsibility for any of it, and as Kaseya makes changes, the existing integration WILL break.

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