1) I'm pretty sure that the tickets are highlighted dependant on when they were last modified (If I'm wrong or have an incorrect setting, please let me know). This seems a little odd. Personally I think it would seem a little more logical to highlight tickets Red when they are overdue, Yellow when they are due in one day, green when complete and grey for all others? what do you think? This would mean the highlighting of tickets would be controlled by the SLA associated with that ticket.

2) It would be nice to be able to open the ticketing page in a seperate window like the monitor pages. This could auto refresh the ticket summary so we could display the information on a wall mounted screen along side our monitor status screens etc. Alerting administrators to new tickets immediately rather than relying on a manual refresh.

3) It would be good to have a button to add a quick fix. This would ask minimal information (task type, machineid.groupid, auto populate administrator & date) to create a 'closed' ticket. This would be good to enter things like password resets etc that are asked for over the phone etc. currently a new ticket would need to be created from scratch which can take more time than actually performing the task! this function is needed for more accurate reporting and a time reduction per ticket.

4) This one is a really important one for us! to have a full FAQ / Knowledge base that we can add to would be brilliant. It would save so much time and could be integrated with the search function in the ticketing system. Many of our customers are requesting this and we can seewhy it would be good to develop a knowledge base which would have a 'quick user fix' front end that users could search to fix issues themselves and a back end that would help our admin's to speed up the resolution time for in depth problems that have already been encountered. If this was integrated into the ticketing system for quick population of the knowledge base from a ticket it would be great.

5) It would be good if the ticketing system allowed you to add the number of minutes worked (hours worked is not very appropriate - 0.12 hrs is not as eay as 7 minutes) with each note added. these times would then be automatically added together to give a total amount of time worked for each ticket. This way of monitoring time spent on each ticket would be much more accurate for reporting than the current system, as with the current system you cannot see how long each admin spent if multiple admins have just added thier time onto the total minutes spent for the ticket. i.e. every time 'add note' is clicked by an administrator, it asks for the note, any attachments and the time spent.

6) I have had several complaints that the reporting functionality for the ticketing system is not very good / flexible. An immediate fix for this would be to add an 'advanced filter' which is already available for many of the different reports but is not available for the ticketing.

Sorry about the large post, but I've been demonstrating this system to many prospective and current clients and this is the feedback I have got from them and ideas I've had along the way!



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