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Ticketing for KNM missing organisation name and machine name

  • Hi All,

    Do we have any Ticketing experts around?

    Not sure if I am using it right. Probably something can be tweaked here but results we are getting in Ticketing module don't look very good.

    VSA 9.2 & KNMi

    We use ticketing module to generate tickets from KNM alerts.

    I created Kaseya KNM Tickets summary Brighgauge view based on [ksubscribers].[dbo].[vTicketSummary] and it pulls the same info as Kaseya Ticketing module.

    What we missing there  - these fields 1. organisation name 2.Machine name

    1. I can see VSA organisation binding in Network discovery module so I am assuming there is a relationship between VSA organisation - Discovery Network - KNM gateways. Just cannot find how to generate proper SQL query for that

    2. As for machine name it is only available as part of ticket subject.

    I checked the rest of the fields in [vTicketSummary] and looks like they are mostly VSA oriented (fields like "machine name" are empty for KNM tickets)

    So we cannot really pull any reports from Ticking for KNM generated tickets and separate tickets for different customers.

    See screenshot below;

    on top Kaseya VSA Alarm Summary (which is OK)

    below Kaseya KNM Ticket Summary (everything crammed into itcketsummary field)

    any advice ? Is there any way to have KNM ticketing info in a more structured way with separate fields for Organisation name and Machine name ? (any way to grab it from alert log ? As tickets are generated from alerts )



  • Not sure if this will help but we specify the alarm subject with the following variables:

    KNM _Alarm_  %[group.name] _ %[asset.name] _ %[monitor.name]

  • Hi  

    Ticketing was not designed to accept organization and machine name parameters from KNM.

    If you would like this feature within Ticketing, I would recommend submitting a feature request on it.

    However, you should be able to query dbo.ticrequest table and pull the assocorgid and assocassetid for these tickets.

    You could dig around and find associated records to these.

    I spent a few minutes looking and you can associate assocorgid to the id column in kasadmin.org.

    From there you would just need to find the assocassetid in the database.

  • Hi Nicolas,

    Thank you for pointing in right direction.

    I spent some quality time with Kaseya database  and was able to get ticketing info including KNM group, Machine name and OrgName.

    see Brightgauge dataset below.


    Kaseya KNM Ticketing Summary



     ticsummary.ticketref AS "id" ,

     DATEADD(hh, DATEDIFF(hh, GETDATE(), GETUTCDATE()),ticRequest.sdTimestamp) AS sdTimestamp,


     knm.device_group.name AS KNMDeviceGroup,

     knm.objects.name AS name,



     DATEADD(hh, DATEDIFF(hh, GETDATE(), GETUTCDATE()),ticsummary.[Resolution Date]) AS ResolutionDate,

     knm.objects.name AS KNMObjectName

    FROM knm.device_group

    INNER JOIN knm.objects

     ON knm.device_group.id = knm.objects.devicegroup_id

    INNER JOIN ticsummary

    INNER JOIN ticRequestTicket

     ON ticsummary.id = ticRequestTicket.ticId

    INNER JOIN ticRequest

    INNER JOIN kasadmin.org

     ON ticRequest.assocOrg = kasadmin.org.id

     ON ticRequestTicket.ticRequestFK = ticRequest.id

    INNER JOIN Inventory.asset

     ON ticRequest.sourceValue1 = Inventory.asset.id

     ON knm.objects.name = Inventory.asset.name