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Schedule Ticket Creation

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Is there anyway to schedule a re-occuring ticket creation? Perhaps via agent procedure?

I figured out a long drawn out way to schedule a procedure which causes an event in the event viewer which would trigger a ticket creation, but it would be nice if there was something easier.

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  • Did you manage to get any further with this? Have been thinking about this same question this past week.

    One option I was thinking of was generating an email that the ticketing email reader could take in. I was thinking of using a 3rd party email tool, but now after reading your post I am thinking a scheduled procedure could send an email as well.

    Ideally it would be great if a procedure could create a ticket.

    I looked at the Service Desk add on but I see it as far too expensive for our needs. $3,800 for Service Desk for the first year ($2000 of mandatory consulting) is just ridiculous. So we are just using what we can with ticketing which is OK for us.

  • I found a few ways to do it. One is by creating a procedure that runs on a schedule that creates an event. Then you can have an Event Set which monitors for this and then creates a ticket when this event fires. There were some other ways I found by installing a 3rd party tool and then having the procedure run it command line to send an e-mail for ticket creation as well.