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New note notifications from tickets created by email reader

  • Hello,

    We use the email reader function to generate many of our tickets at the moment.  However, the "Notify Ticket Submitter when note added" does not work for tickets generated by email.  Does anyone have this working?  Is it possible?  Is there a workaround?


    Thanks in advance


  • I have the same problem and was told that they know about it but are not going to fix it as Service Desk will replace core ticketing.  I'm waiting on verification on this from the top.  

    The problem appears to be when you have more than one notification rule setup for each machine group.  Try this:  Set one notification rule up for a machine group and send test ticket and reply back using email.  See if the ticket sender gets the reply email.  This works for me but anytime I have more than one rule setup for same machine group, the reply email never gets sent back to ticket submitter if I reply via email.

  • Thanks for the reply and advice.  I am not sure it is exactly the same issue you are experiencing.  I am not trying to repond to the ticket by email, but by adding a note to the ticket within Kaseya.  If the ticket was created using the agent in the first place, then adding a note automatically sends a notification to the person that submitted the ticket.  If the ticket was generated by email however - using the email reader function - adding a note to the ticket within Kaseya does not automatically send a notifcation to the submitter.

    Is this the same as you are describing?

  • No, that is not the same problem I am having so I'm sorry for any confusion.  As for what your describing, I do have that working for me.  I just go to Notify Policy under ticketing and create a Policy with my email address and make sure the N, R, S are included as the events.  I believe it is the "N" that is important but I included the other two as I am not 100%.  From your initial post, you do have N selected so I am not sure why it would not work but it is indeed possible.  For ours we use T, M, N, I, R, S.

    Have you tried deleting them all and starting over?  I know when we upgraded to K2 we had to delete all notifications and start over since we had some bugs in ticket notifications.  Just a thought.