We the recent change of our Kaseya server from physical to virtual and separating the db to a separate SQL box, we have seen a manifestation of tickets that re duplicates. At one point ti went up to 3k tickets. They were all the same. Nothing changed on the external email server (third party Microsoft hosted exchange). However, we have managed to see where the problem resides. For some reason, Kaseya cannot write the email to the mail folder listed below. Since it cannot pull the emails from the pop account, the reader redownloads the email as assigns it as new. When I check the log this is the folder its trying to write to:

09/06/2011 14:26:56 wodPop3 Error: Cannot save file 'C:\Kaseya\KServer\..\MailLog\ E60DBF9E8F3F5141BC99970F934CD9E526CF26@CH1PRD0202MB162.namprd02.prod.outlook.com.eml': Could not access destination file. 09/06/2011 14:26:56 New ticket 17621 Added. Email ID 15764.

Does anyone know what needs what permission to write to this folder? I tried support but they are stuck on Windows Security Logs which I dont think bare any relevance.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.