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E-mail Notification Based on Priority of Ticket?

  • I was wondering how I would set this up.Currently we have it setup this way:

    New Ticket Submitted by user

    If Status = Low, Normal, High
    Then = Email Requester + Helpdesk Tech

    If Status =Emergency
    Then = Email Requester + Entire IT Department

    How we are doing this is I basically modified the E-mail Template to include the priority in the subject line and then created a rule in outlook. That Forwards the e-mail to IT Department if it sees "Emergency" in subject line.

    I don't really see how I would accomplish this with Kaseya..


  • Forgot to say..when I said currently I meant to say in our current ticketing system, we are still testing our kaseya.

  • did you install kaseya SD ?

    look at the procedure's calculate priority and incident enter identified

    i know it can be done since it works great for us !

  • What is Kaseya SD? sorry for being noob lol

  • service desk it's an add-on

  • Thanks Hans, Im installing it now. :-)

  • Sigh getting this message when installing it.

    Error: Aborting. This installer is not compatible. See log for details.

  • what version of kaseya are you using? K6.1 with SD1.3 ?

  • i think you also need to contact your sales rep to get your licence key updated