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Kaseya tciketing in a PURE Terminal Services environment

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I am having trouble getting to the point where Ticketing is at least usable to my cleints. I am going to try and lay out my situation as clear as possible.

The office consists of a server farm, and 50-60 THIN CLIENTS that users login to terminal servers with. They have no individual dekstops, so the option of each computer having its own agent is out of the question. The only agents I deploy are on the terminal servers. This is fine as far as monitoring goes, but it causes problems for ticketing.

While logged in administratively, I can use the KaUsrTsk.exe with the -remote switch to get the tray icon to appear. When i double click on the tray icon, I am brought to the Live connect screen.  I can at least CREATE tickets (though the fields are greyed out, such as priority, assignee, etc) here, so it works to some degree but only for me.

When I try and run the "KaUsrTsk.exe -remote" as a standard user, no tray icon appears. If they don't have a tray icon, they cannot the website that gets them to the area to create tickets. Id this was possible, I could at least get them up and running, and worry about the greyed out fields after that. But, as I stated, I cannot get users to see the tray icon, which is MANDITORY for this particular setup.

The alternative I was going to try was simply putting a shortcut to the website on their desktop, and create a login for each user. However, I run out of logins. It says I can only create 10 users. Also, I would much rather have them see a more simplistic view of the ticket creation module, such as the one in Live Connect.

So as it stands, to me, Kaseya seems to be completely imcompatible with pure terminal services environments such as mine. I find this hard to believe, and hope someone can point me in the right direction. In summary, I need users to be able to create tickets, and be able to edit said tickets with assignee, priorty etc as well as some custom feilds.



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  • we run a TS environment but I do not use the Kaseya agent for users creating tickets since most users are pretty lazt and would rather send me an email to say things are broken.  

    Are you running Windows 2008 or 2003 Terminal Servers?  I have 2008 R2 TS servers I can do a test with to see if I can figure anything out as well.

  • instead of making admin users to access the ticketing part, why don't you create a users with portal access for the terminal server?

    this would be 1 user in your Kaseya server with portal access for all users on the terminal server. This way you would give them access to the same liveconnect page as the agent icon would do.

  • Tjibbe is soooo right !!

  • the url on clicking on the agent icon goes to your live connect like such yourwebsite.com/.../LiveConnect.aspx agent guid here.

    you could create a short cut on everyone's desktop with this staticly set (the guid doesn't change) and when they click on that it would start up the live connect ticket session. it's basically the same thing as double clicking on your icon.

  • sorry, forgot about the formatting, the url looks like this http://yoursite.com/KLC/LiveConnect.aspx?agentguid=put the agent guid here



  • If you need a tray icon, I pulled this from autoit's examples, but it would work if you run it on login for each user.


    Opt("TrayMenuMode",1)   ; Default tray menu items (Script Paused/Exit) will not be shown.


    $prefsitem  = TrayCreateItem("Submit Ticket")


    $aboutitem  = TrayCreateItem("About")


    $exititem   = TrayCreateItem("Exit")



    TraySetIcon(Filename, IconID)

    While 1

        $msg = TrayGetMsg()


            Case $msg = 0


            Case $msg = $prefsitem


            Case $msg = $aboutitem

                Msgbox(64, "About:", "AutoIt3-Tray-sample.")

            Case $msg = $exititem






  • Is this possible in K1 ?

    We are still running K1 it seems to use ../accessRoot?x.xxxxx as some sort of random generated number when you click the agent icon normally..

  • I have been trying to implement this suggestion.  When a Terminnal Server user navigates to the url they are presented with the Kaseya login screen.  Whereas when a user on a workstation with the Kaseya agent installed navigates to the url they are presented with the live connect ticket session.  What am I missing here?