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Autotask integration

  • Does anyone have any experience integrating Kaseya2 with Autotask? I have my configuration items working between the two systems just fine. I am also using Kaseya2AT to create tickets in Autotask just fine. However, I cannot get Autotask to assign the ticket to a configuration item even though the names and groups on both sides are identical.

    Anyone experienced that and can anyone help?



  • Hi Brian,

    I just took a look at your account and your most recent ticket (T20101213.0031) successfully added the configuration item. Did you get it working since you posted this comment, or are you finding that some work and some do not?


    MSPintegrations / Kaseya2AT

  • Travis,

    After working with Autotask support we found the problem. I had read the Autotask manual and took it literally so I inserted the XML token myself. Looks like your software does that for me. Once I removed the token I added everything started working perfectly.

    Thanks for following up!


  • Very good! Glad to hear you're all set.