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  • I have written a report in Info Center that reports on "Application name" "like".  And it works fine. But now I want to filter that to show only those that responds to "like" but are missing another "Application name". Is that possible?

  • You just need to add another advanced filter in the report and add Application name "not like" on the 2nd line. That should do the trick for you

  • No ive tried that. It only hides all instances of that "Application name" it still shows every one of the others that are "like".

  • is correct. I have done this a few times.  Could you share a screenshot of your advanced filter configuration?

  • If I put it like you suggest it would be like this:


  • If that is the excat name in the application list change it to Equals and not equals.  You may also want to try quotes.  I am not sure if the quotes would mess it up though I have never tried.

  • When I do that I get the exact same result as when I do 'like' and 'not like'.

    And that result is it shows every instance of the first and none of the latter.

    I want to see the difference.

  • The next thing I would try since you don't want to see the update, is to do like "Autodesk Civil 3D 2019 - English"  and on the next line just do Not like Update.

  • That wont do either I still see ALL "Autodesk Civil 3D 2019 - English" then. And I only wanna see those that DONT have the update.

    If a computer has the update both these values are shown.

  • Ahhh ok I get it now.

    SInce its two different applications all together you way want to create a view that shows the computers with Autodesk Civil 3D 2019 - English  and then make a report that only has Not like 'Autocad Civil 3D 2019.2 UPdate" and then run the report against that view.  

  • So you mean I need to make a view for the application against the .exe file?

  • yeah thats what I am thinking.  You are essentailly trying to get information on two "applications." so by creating the view for the cad application you can run the report on that view with the machines that don't have the update..  unless someone else can think of something different???

  • I havent been able to solve this yet. Since the view looks at the .exe file I dont think I can go t hat way. Because the exe is the same file for both these "applications". That is to say it is only one application but in the info center module it can separate the updated and not updated versions.