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When making reports we have all these predefined fields for things like ram, cup, disk space and so on. But we have none for GPU. How come? This is a really important part for hardware auditing. Have people solved this in any other way?
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  • Indirectly - Audit - machine summary - hardware - PCI and disk hardware - product class pci graphics - There's your GPU.

    Yes, i realize this isn't ideal by a long way, 9/10 you still gotta go look up the PCI ID at https://pci-ids.ucw.cz/ to get the chipset. There are also complications e.g. headless servers (no GPU), docking stations (>1 GPU, usually USB, hence not listed on this screen) so it's not perfect by any means...but it's a start.

    Yes, it was a fairly big omission to leave this out....same with USB - there's no USB data at all available.

    So, how to fix this?? IMHO your best bet is to write a script & save the results to a custom filed. a quick "wmic path win32_VideoController get name, driverVersion" will get you what you want in most cases. That should start you off with what you need.

  • C:\>wmic path win32_VideoController get name,driverVersion

    DriverVersion  Name  NVIDIA GeForce 940M  Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500


  • Thank you!

    I think it is really strange that Kaseya has left out this crucial part of hardware inventory. All other RMMs ive looked at has this in plain view from the get go.

    But now im trying to make a procedure as you suggested.

    I run the command with 'executeshellcommand' and then I suppose im going to use the 'updatesysteminfo' command. But what string value should I update it with?

  • Ok I figured it out with the "execute shell command - get results to variable" and then the  #global.cmdresults# variable.

  • But does anyone know how to gather the results in a nice graphical report?