Hello All-

I have been tasked with monitoring activity across 8 different servers and the data that is to be collected is Server /Application and Service dependent.

The request is to have a weekly overview of the status of the server which the number of reboots / instances a service stopped/ instances a process was down/ cpu went above a treshhold.

I created a custom monitor set and added all of the services and processes etc that i want to include.  Will creating a legacy report for these monitor sets report a trending occurence of each event?  I dont want to get emailed each time this happens, we want to review the instances in a broad (weekly) timeframe to have an understanding of what is down  etc.

If there is another approach to get this data at a glace and produce a weekly report i would certainly appreciate the help.  Also, does anyone have an idea if there is a way to monitor if a web based portal takes longer than x time to log in?  I would figure this is more of monitoring iexplorer or whatever browser and see if response time but perhaps it is not very viable/possible to track this.