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Report on Windows services

  • I'm looking for direction on creating a report of all Windows services (running or not) on all my Windows servers.  Day 6 with this product.


  • The command "sc query type= service state= all" will return a rather messy report of all services with status of Running or Stopped.

    We use XNET.EXE from the Windows 2000 resource kit to quickly gather this information, but it requires deploying the EXE. You can just copy it to the Temp directory and execute it - XNET LIST will return a simple list of SERVICE NAME, DISPLAY NAME, STATUS for all services in a columnar format.

    You can probably run a PowerShell command via procedure to collect this as well.

    The overall concept is to collect the data from the local machines in a text file, then use getFile to bring it back to the VSA. You can then create a fairly simple script to scan the VSA server (assuming you are On Prem) and pull the data together. I use this method to dump the event logs every week and compare the summarized data against what we either monitor or ignore to identify new events to investigate.

    If you're on SAAS, you'll want to write the file you obtained with getFile to a specific agent/folder where you can easily process all of the data.

    BTW - this data is a standard part of our Monthly Audit tool - it collects the service data with running/stopped status, and in a separate file identifies services running with accounts other than SYSTEM. This can also be collected on-demand when needed.