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Warranty Master (VSA 9.5 integration) and reporting

  • I used to download the spreadsheet from Warranty Master, run a VB script to import the data to Custom Fields, then report on that.  Now with the integration I have an automatic sync from Warranty Master to the VSA to the new Audit Fields of "System Purchase Date" and "System Warranty Expire Date" - Great!

    The issue is that those fields are NOT Custom Fields and are NOT available in the Report Parts for an Audit report.

    The data is viewable under Audit > View Individual Data > Machine Summary > under the Hardware tab, Summary tab, then in the System Information section.  Not to be confused with Audit > View Individual Data > System Information....as it is not available there.

    In the Agent module you can configure a view to include these columns....but not report on them.

    Curious what you guys are doing to report on the Warranty information in an Audit report. (Or if I should just continue my old process)

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  • I output the results from the agent menu for the time being using the export function on the far right corner (gear button).

  • I've had a support ticket open for 3 months on this after 9.5 release. Support informed me that:

    - both fields would be added to Info Center reporting in a future patch release

    - neither field is planned to be added to Machine View advanced filtering

    If you do any work in the KSubscribers SQL database, both fields are available in the auditRsltSmbios table:



  • Should be able to make your own custom dataset in the form of a name-value part, to achieve this. You might need to be an on-premise customer though to do it.