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Date Filter - Only Show Results from the Past?

  • I have a number of scenarios where I want to only show results where the date occurred in the past, but I have not figured out how to do this. I want to return every result that occurred in the past, whether that was yesterday, a month ago, or 5 years ago. 

    One example of many, just to have something to show here, would be a report of offline PCs based on the date of their last checkin. (Yes, I understand that with this type of report I could report on the Online Status Description instead, but this is just an example).

    Since you can't use date type fields under Advanced Filters, you have to use a Date Filter (right?), but there isn't a default option for "In the Past". I have tried "Last N Days" and tried using a negative number or 0 and I still don't get the desired results. I can't use fixed ranges because I need the report to be automated. 

    Any idea or insight is appreciated.

    Trying to mark as solved/not possible.
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  • No response here, so submitting ticket. Will post response back here when I get a response to my ticket.

  • Hi - I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but I guess you want to exclude machines that match a certain condition today, and include them if they matched that condition before today.

    I haven't had the urge to do such a report, but it certainly looks impossible to do it from Info Center. That means only an SQL query can give you the results you're looking for. Something we've been digging into a lot lately and I can't see any other way to accomplish this.

    Now, this is a 'solution' to your question that won't help you a lot, since the table structure in the Kaseya database isn't exactly transparant. You need a lot of digging and trying and if you push a bit Kaseya will help you identify the tables you need. Good luck with your ticket, I'd like to hear what Kaseya will advise you to do...

  • It seems the same is confirmed by Kaseya. Here's the response to my ticket:

    I tried testing this further on my end hoping that if advance filter will give a choice to add a filter for the Last scan date then, in that case, we get the desired report but when I checked the advance filter section it does not give the choice to select this option hence at present I do not see a possibilities to create a report with below requiremnet.,

    I also looked for any views that can help to filter this information but there are no such views available as well hence it should e submitted feature request. let me know if I can help you with the link using which you can submit this as a feature.

  • Well - that isn't much help, so digging into SQL queries will be the only way to get this done and if you haven't done that before, it's not easy. You should be on a local Kaseya installation and not online, to get full access. If you want to get more info on your Kaseya installation that's the way to go and it'll be worth it if you have the time to invest. My advice would be to go for it and you should reap the benefits from knowing the stuff you actually want to know and not only the precooked options Kaseya offers.