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Add/Remove Programs list with version and Installed Date?

  • One would think this would be a default report as it is the same format that would appear in the Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs list.  Would anyone happen to have that report readily available to share?

  • One would be mistaken, as one often can be when applying logic to Kaseya... ;-)

    Interesting question and no easy answer, but maybe querying the database yourself.

    I have someone diving into database stuff tomorrow and he might be able to cobble together a query....

  • I am looking forward to hearing back on this as when I looked into it Kaseya appears to be grabbing only the displayName and uninstallStr to populate the dbo.windowsAddRemProg Table. (Which explains the limitation on the Report Part) In researching this it appears that it has been noted as far back as 2007 and nothing was done to remedy it.

    Corrected the uninstallStr column name
    [edited by: Tim Varvais at 6:26 AM (GMT -8) on Mar 8, 2018]
  • I am curious what you in the community are doing to pull Add/Remove Programs lists...? Anyone?