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How do I create a working Report with Excel files?

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I've got a work assignment to create a report in Kaseya. The report should contain a column with the customer name, followed by two columns containing the number of the total amount of servers and clients that customer has. I've got this report working with a .pdf-File, but I can't get it to work with and excel spreadsheet.

When I try to open the excel files created by the report, I get a massage dialog (my message is in german, so I try to translate it as best as I can): "We've encountered a problem with some contents in 'MACHINE COUNTS BY MASCHINE GROUP.xlsx'. Should we recover as much as possible? If you trust the origin of this spreadsheet, select 'Yes'." If I select 'No' the excel file is empty and doesn't contain any spreadsheets and if I select 'Yes' the file contains a single spreadsheet, but is missing the columns A to I. 

I tried some different report options: With just some plain text in the general tab. Some layout configuration with different templates, report parts or controls. Not a single Report I've created has given me a excel spreadsheet that I could open without this message I mentioned above. 

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  • A colleague already figured out the solution. There were some missing options, that weren't configured on the server. After our internal IT updated the configuration, the excel reports worked like a charm!

  • : That's an interesting observation, I'd like to know more about, as would Kaseya...

    I've had a ticket open about the exact same issue (on a 9.4 server) for 5 months! Kaseya is unable to fix it, so if you have some tips or tricks for me, I'd welcome the information...  There is a way to open the report, but that takes some steps and results in a not so great layout.