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Creating a report that displays computers that have less than 8 (or more) GB of memory

  • I was just wondering how I would be able to create a report that would be able to accommodate for this.  At my work, we have quite a few PCs that have less than 8 or more GB of memory, and I figured this would be a more convenient way to see which of them fall outside this criteria (rather than having to plug each of them in and pull up its info) so we can then have an idea of which PCs would need memory upgrades.

    adding more details
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  • Never mind.  I figured out how to do it now.  

    For those who also want to know how to do it, here's how:

    1. In Kaseya, go to Info Center->Reporting->Reports
    2. Create a new report by going to New->Report
    3. Create a custom report by choosing the ***New Custom Report*** option under any of the categories
    4. After giving it a name, expand the report parts, and then click and drag the machine summary option under the audit folder to the 4 boxes on the right
    5. Click the configure icon (in the upper left hand corner of the little window that appears after you drag it to one of those aforementioned 4 boxes) and drag the following under columns to the column selections: Machine Id, RAM, Max Memory Size, and Max Memory Slots
    6. Order the report by RAM and Machine Id ascending by doing the following:
      1. Click the add row button under the order by box twice
      2. Select RAM and Machine Id for the columns
      3. Change sort order to ascending for both
    7. Leave filtering settings as is and click finish
    8. (optional) Expand report part by clicking restore (2nd to last button on the upper right of the report part) and choose either expand right or left depending on where the report part was placed
    9. If desired, change the format the report is output by going to the general tab and choosing any of the radio buttons (it will be on PDF by default)
    10. Click save, and then that's it

  • Hi ,

    Glad you were able to figure that out. You can normally report on any value that is being returned in the VSA. Report Parts in Info Center reflect the modules found in the VSA. You just need to locate the Report Part and explore the data sets that pertain to that Report Part.