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Quick Machine Summary for Network

  • From time to time we provide a report to our clients of all the Workstaions they have and quick info on memory, CPU, IP etc.

    It would look like the following. Currently to do this I go to the audit view, copy and past the data and then setup correctly in Excel.

    Does anyone have a report/procedure that can do this quicker or perhaps automated?

  • Sorry for the delay -- I just came across this now.  I have created a custom View that includes all the relevant (to me) information, and this can be easily exported to Excel.  It has the following fields:



    Agent Version


    Computer Name

    Current User

    Last Logged In user

    Product Name

    System Serial Number

    IP Address

    OS Status

    Operating Sytem

    RAM Size

    CPU type

    Last Check in Time

    Last Reboot Time

    This gives me all the relevant info at a glance.