I am attempting to create a report, but no idea what I am doing or best practice to get all the data I require.  I am looking to create a report for machines on different sites.

The majority of the information I am looking for is within the 'Audit > Machine Summary' Report Part:

  • Chassis Serial Number or System Serial Number, whichever is the Asset Serial Number for the machine.
  • Computer Name
  • CPU Count
  • CPU Speed
  • Last Logged on User
  • OS Information
  • RAM
  • System Manufacturer
  • System Product Name

I would also include information from Disk Volumes / Available space if it is possible to combine report parts within a report.

Is anyone able to provide a few pointers on how to do this?

·         Summary of Operating Systems for all devices ie 10 x Win 7 Pro, 5 x Windows 10 Pro

·         Install date of machine

·         Serial Number of machine

·         Make and Model

Software installed