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Show RAM in GB's

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Hi all,

I am currently building an Asset Summary Report that we can give our customers to show them what assets of theirs we are supporting, but when it pulls the RAM field, it is pulling the value in megabytes not gigabytes. Is there a section of the Kaseya portal where I can alter this value to report globally in GB?

We are running VSA R9.3 on-premise if that helps.



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  • Maybe do a calculation in the memory field based on the memory reported by your VSA divided by 1024?

  • Which column within the report function would I perform the calculation? I am using the Machine Summary report part.


  • Apologies, it's been awhile since I even played with the newer reporting in the VSA ... There is not a spot to actually do this in the report setup at all ... you would have to create a custom field in your VSA that thru a script populates with the amount of RAM from the vBaseCpuInfo.TotalRam variable and divide that by the 1024 to get it into GB format, and then in your report pickup this new custom field instead of the RAM field from the report part you are using.

  • No however you could use a script to convert the figure to GB, store the results and pull the data from the report that way. The issue would be having to do so for each drive, and then parsing that out to the report.

    Can be done but it would take a bit of work.