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Reporting on locally saved files

  • Looking to generate a report that will run on end points to determine locally saved docs, pdfs, etc... I have yet to find anything prebuilt and I have never understood custom reports

  • There is a 9-year old script from the legacy forums here that I used for this very purpose.  I haven't tested it in the lastest version of Kaseya, but don't see why it shouldn't work.  Not sure about its effectiveness on newer versions of Windows.  Scroll down and download the Find_Files.zip attachment:


  • Hi

    You won't find any report within Info Center that will return this. Reports return values stored in the DB that are collected by the VSA, they don't actively run on endpoints. You should be able to do this with an Agent Procedure that places sought values to a doc.

  • Any prebuilt Agent Procedures out there?