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Monthly Ticket Report

  • I am having issues getting a report to show me closed tickets from all clients over the last month.  All I get is a report showing me the currently open tickets.  I have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to do this.  I haven't found any helpful information either.  Can someone please point me in the right direction so I can find out how to have a simple report that shows me:  Closed ticket in past 30 days, which users have created and closed tickets, summary notes for all closed ticekts


  • Hi

    How are you doing ticketing within the VSA, are you using the ticketing module or Service Desk? Look at the Report Parts for both within Info Center > Report Parts. Look at the folders (Report Parts) titled Service Desk and the one titled Ticketing.

    There is a dataset titled Ticket within the Service Desk folder that includes a column for Closed Date.

    In the Ticketing folder there's a Ticket Summary dataset that includes a Resolution Date column.

    Create a Report using either of these Report Parts and columns. When you reach the third window of the Report Wizard you can filter the report using these columns. If you need help making that report you should submit a ticket.

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  • Thanks for the guidance.  Creating the reports is a bit cumbersome to someone who is new to it, but I'm getting there.  Thank you.  This helps.