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Report on computers missing KAV

  • Does anyone know if you can create a report to show agents missing KAV (as reported by KAV module)? Right now our reports shows us computers that are missing the application kaspersky however sometimes a computers has kaspersky installed but for one reason or another its not showing as installing the in the KAV module so profile doesnt assign, does apply updates, doesnt update license, etc. 

    I would like to know all computers that dont show the "installed" status within the KAV module. Anyone know if that's possible?

  • Hi

    Have you tried using the Antivirus Report Part in Info Center? There is a dataset within the Antivirus Report Part that can return Installed On, Installed Date, or Is Installed status. When you create the report just filter by only Machine IDs that return a value for either of the three. How are you at building reports in Info Center?

  • I think the Report Part relies on the KAV installation being registered correctly and Elliot wants to know about those machines that fail to register in the VSA but are installed if you check locally on the agent.

    It seems you need to use an Audit report part that tells you it does find a Kaspersky installation. But, then you need a way to filter those machines that are registered correctly. I don't think that'll work.

    You'll probably need to use SQL queries to achieve this. I don't have that at this time, but I think Kaseya could provide such a query relatively easy - it may even already exist, I'm not sure. Kaseya, can you elaborate?

    Regards, Eric.

  • - In the past when i tried this with the Antivirus info center section it only reported on computers that were registered within KAV as Eric said.

    - Yes sounds like this would have to be a custom SQL report. It would just have to tell me all the computers that dont have the installed status (show me either not installed or failed). I never took advantage of the "Name Value Parts" but is this something i would use that section for?

  • You are right, the reports in Info Center are reporting from the values stored in the Database. If KAV is not registered the value for installed status in the report part I mentioned will not show KAV as installed. The report data set column is just querying the database for a specific value in a table. There may be a table in the database that can be referenced, not too sure. I would reccomend submitting a ticket for Info Center, they can look into that and give you a better idea on whether that is possible.

    Using name Value Parts to return this one value can be done, but you would have to know the value you are looking for and the table you will be querying. Again, this may be best answered by a support engineer who can tell you if this value exist in the DB.

    Here's the helpguide for Name Value Parts help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp. It is best to know simple SQL queries to do this.