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R9.2 Executive Summary not printing bars

  • The R9.2 executive summary displays fine on the screen but the color within the bars disappears when I use print preview or print to pdf (using pdfcreator).  I have tried using both IE and firefox without a difference.

    Has anyone else been able to print a copy of the new reports to send to clients and, if so, what worked for you?



  • No, didn't dig too much into it as to much hazzle with KNMi.

    indeed, no color bars printed........

  • In the print dialog (chrome), enable printing background graphics.

    In IE, go to print preview, page setup and tick 'print background colors and images'.

    I assume a similar setting will exist in FF.

  • I'm curious how you're even able to print the whole report... With previous releases I had to save the HTML page and format it in an HTML editor so that I can print it nicely in PDF. Now when I try the same method, the locally saved HTML file is more distorted than ever and if I wanted to print directly from Kaseya it cuts off 75% of the report and prints with the scroll bar.

    I am now completely stuck, I can't print Executive Summary reports at all and there's no going back to the old one. I don't understand how these developers think.

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  • Thanks Craig - works great

    Andrewf - I have never had a problem printing; in IE, I simply right-click up in the header on the report and choose Print

  • Printing 'just works'. I just open the report email, open the HTML attachment, in the browser go to the print dialog...and print. Works fine.

    Haven't tried printing directly from a report preview - maybe that's more of an issue, or maybe you have some other issue e.g. reporting on a large number of agents, and getting page-break issues due to the size of the tables, or similar?

  • Pre 9.2 we used the Executive reports for our quarterly reports to our customers.  I can't believe in 9.2 they chose to "upgrade" the existing Executive Report template instead of leaving it as is, and just creating a new template, to be used if we wanted.  As far as I can see, there isnt even any new functional improvement in the report, just a different format.

    This new template I can't copy or export into our reports, and support are advising that they can't reinstate the old template.  What a load of rubbish.  I'm getting so sick and tired of shaking my head with each new release...  Dont get me started on the Discovery and KNM modules.

    What trust you started to get with the new owners a couple of years ago, you are losing very fast Kaseya.  

  • just did a test in google NOT WORKING

  • It's not my hobby to bash Kaseya, but maybe for Reporting an exception should be made.... Breaking a working report and telling you it can't be fixed is not acceptable and you should involve your sales rep and anyone you know at Kaseya to make waves and get them to correct this. They certainly can and should make this work again!

    We also use scheduled reports to inform our customers and it's not been the best Kaseya can offer. They know it, but there's no priority to make it a good tool. It's been one of the weakest parts we have to inform our customers. Alternative is doing something with SQL reports, but then you need to dig around the multitude of tables Kaseya has. It takes a bit of time to find everything you need.

    I consider this an important problem, this is the one thing you have to show your customers what you're doing. Proving that you do solve issues, take time to really manage their system. We find ourselves having to defend what we do and how we do it, because there's no simple way to show the customer what you're doing for them. This is especially true for KAV reporting, where you're not able to prove to customers that their systems are scanned, updates are running and generally make them feel safe and protected.

    Sorry about the prolonged text, but this needs attention from Kaseya, I know you're listening......

  • Hi All,

    I am not sure where to begin here - to start, yes we are listening! Smile

    However, from my understanding - the report is not broken but the layout and design of the report updated to a new look. 

    For users having issues printing the report - the printing capabilities have not changed from the previous version.

    However, the 'background' images will not be auto-enabled and should work as  mentions.

    Below is a KB article about this:


    This issue has been reported, as the KB mentions - if you are experiencing this problem, please create a support ticket and reference the appropriate problem ticket # in the KB.

    You are correct in regards to no functional changes in the report. Only the layout has been changed.

    If you are unhappy with the new layout and would like to revert back, I have asked your Customer Success Manager (Jorge Valdes) to get in contact with you.

  • I agree with OudjesEric as 2 weeks ago I did a test in google AND YES FOLLOWING THE KB, but unfortunately for me NO IMAGES Grrrrrrrr

    are you sure "I know you're listening......" the reason why certain issues remain unsolved