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Executive Report AV stats

  • I've created a ticket with support n but it's been about a week with only a "we're researching your issue" response.

    On the executive report, under the Anti-Virus section almost all the stats are missing.  Objects Scanned, Quick Scans, Full Scans, and Updates are all 0s.  In the screen shot you can see the summary shows 43/43 machines have been scanned.  Checking in KAV shows scans and updates are happening as they're supposed to, the info is just missing from the report.

    Just curious if anyone else is having a similar issue or if anyone has ideas to resolve it.

  • Same here. All the 'little' numbers are 0, except detections. I checked my 'AV last quick scan' in the VSA and the machines are scanning within the report period, so clearly a bug in the report.

    The anti-virus profile and install status report also comes up wrong for us - the AV Profile chart (the pie chart) shows correct numbers, but the "By organization installation stats" only report "no data available".

    Looks like KAV reporting is broken.

  • This is confirmed as broken and unfortunately it continues to hinder the re-design of the executive summary report.  

    The issue lies on the relative location of the tables called within the Executive Summary operating file.  I hope Kaseya Development corrects this soon.

  • I'm a little peeved that the "KES" and "KAV" layouts of the new exec summary report are different.

    Why, oh why, can't these two report-parts use the same layout? I.e. use the same "top" stats in the larger font, and the same smaller stats in the same order, below.

    for those clients that have a mix of both AV's installed, it's heck confusing to read....see example below:

  • I couldn't agree more, this has been a mess for so long.
    We sort of gave up on this -  but it's really ridiculous.

    Will try to get some attention for this.
    The Thanksgiving weekend means it will be Monday before some action is done.

  • Same issues here.

    We had the same problems with the old exec summary as well and again we do here as well.

    The scans completed is not accurate. Maybe it is only reporting full scans? But wait, it shows 1, and I have it full scan weekly-- to which for the client I'm looking at have all completed. Quick scans run every night at 6, too.

    We run KES on our servers and KAV on our workstations and have had great success with it but reporting on both leaves huge areas to be desired.

  • +1 for this. It looks as though it is still broken and the KAV dataset that would let us report on the same also appears to have issues.

  • Hey guys,

    We are aware of the reporting issue. Its a difference in how the classic KAV/KAM and new KAV/KAM modules calculate things. We have a fix for it, and its coming in two upcoming patches. .18 had the classic stuff and .19 should hopefully have the new stuff. Once that is released, the numbers will properly add up between the two, especially when using filters.

  • How do I access the Executive Report?  I don't see it in the list of reports

  • Hi Daniel,

    InfoCenter > (Reporting) > Reports > New > Legacy Report > (Category) > Executive > (Legacy Reports) > Executive Summary