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Windows Service Report - Log on as

  • Hi

    Can VSA produce a report to show what account Windows services are using? I'm starting the process of changing the local admin password on all our servers (about 100 or so), and I'm certain that I will run into services using the local admin.     

  • This should be possible... I had a script that I use to check this.... or I used to can find it right now, but it basically just export all services and their logins to a file and checked it for "username" and sent me an email if the "username" was present.

  • Here is some PowerShell that will show services not running as service accounts:

    Get-WMIObject Win32_Service -Filter "StartName Like '[^NT Authority|LocalSystem]%' OR StartName Like '%@%'" | Select Name,StartName

    Source: www.petri.com/find-user-based-service-accounts-with-powershell-and-command-line