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Report monitor counters

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I might be looking in the wrong places but i could not find an answer for my problem.
I want to make a report showing the performance counters per agent of the last N days (lets say 30).

So i have a monitor set wich monitors the " available mb". I want to create a report for that counter to give to our customer so they can see wich agent has the less available MB and might need extra memory.

Is it possible to create such report?

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  • Hi  

    Yes - this can be done in a number of ways using the Info Center module.

    The easiest way would be to use a Legacy Report > Monitor Set Report on the specific set, which is already defined to do this function.

    Here is an example of how to build said report;

    1. Create a Legacy Report

    2. Select the appropriate Report Type:

    3. Select your monitor set:

    4. Run the report against desired organization:

    This will give you a view/graph very similar to what you see in the Monitor > Monitor Log page.

    Of course, if you want a different look/feel to your report - you can build a report part around this type of data using either the Audit > Disk Volumes Data Set or the Logs > Montior Counter Logs Dataset.

  • Just to clarify though you still can't currently (VSA 9.1) create same graph as shown above in the Report Parts, you have to use the legacy reporting.

    The updated reporting can only do tables, simple pie charts and simple bar charts.

    I have tried to use bar graphs to emulate line graph or histograms however the problem is that the time values for each bar are so close together that you can't actually read them.

  • I am in need of a well made report showing specific counter data.

    Has anyone succeeded in making a line chart on one specific counter object, showing lines for multiple agents ?