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Network Audit for share permissions.

  • I"m looking to audit my 2300 agents for shares that have the dreaded "everyone" permission. 

    Not sure of where to go. Current methology would be running nirosofts netwatcher and manuall check on all. 

    i'm looking for something that can tell specifically for the everyone permission...or list our agent name, share name and their corresponding permissions to a list / csv file that i can manually search through. 

    The idea would be so that it's repeatable for new clients as we bring them on, along with a periodic check of existing customers again. 

  • My to-do list includes checking out this app.  Command line options available so should be scriptable.


  • Hi  

    Assuming audits have ran on your endpoints, you can build a report part which can be scheduled recurring in a report to provide this information periodically.

    Here is a report part I built with what you are looking for:

    Output example:

    Ultimately, the Audits will keep this information relevant (up to date), however if it does become stale - ensure audits are running.

    You can leverage a third party tool to do this, however its already inside the SQL DB so you can leverage it with info center reports.

    Let me know if this works for you or if I misunderstood what you were looking for.