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Audit - Machine summary report

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does anybody have a decent report for the machine summary?

for ie in a case a customer ask: do you know the specs of Machine A and What software is installed on it?

can't find in in the default reports, but it seems like logic to have it.

intrested in how you solved this (the legacy report is an option but not really stylish)



legacy report always is an option of course
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  • there are two reports you can run.   The ones we use are both Legacy reports.  The first one that we called "Machine Summary - Detailed" , and is best run to a PDF file and just given to client, it would be way to big to print out, and would have very little value, other than historical.    I liken this report to the Belarc report that was very useful in our days before Kaseya.    This report is found under Audit report - Machine Summary.    After you hit the "Next"  button, you will be able to select what you want to appear on the report, below is what we select, note that some new tabs are going to appear after you select certain items:

    Once you select these, you will see the "System Information" and "Application Filter" tabs appear,  below is our System Information:

    And lastly the Application filter tab:

    The 2nd type of report is called an "Aggregate" report.    This is also a legacy report (Audit -> Aggregate Table).    We use this report for Client meetings.  It is a simple inventory report of the physical machines.  This report is best output to Excel, and then cleaned up,  and use Excel's "Print to fit" to print it on a legal size, landscape page.

    Here are our selections:

    *  Chassis serial number is below the view.  Note the *Date Purchased, and *Warranty Exp fields.  These are custom fields and are updated using UpdateWarranty.com utility.

    I hope this helps!