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Guidance Questions for reporting on Services

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Good Afternoon!  Been a lurker here for Kaseya assistance and finally ran into an issue I can't seem to resolve!  The company has had Kaseya for a while now and had been having issues.  Im not sure all that was done to try and fix it and by the time I came along they had basically given up on it. 

Im actually part of desktop support but no one wanted to tackle Kaseya so Im giving it a shot.  I have managed to get the Service Desk up and running almost perfect so I'm proud of that since I had almost no programming knowledge prior.  Anyhow, Im not here to brag but to lay out that Im not too programming savvy and might need to have info said plainly!

What we are looking at now is to see if there is a report, or report part, that can be configured to check if a service is running.  For example, run a report to see if the DHCP server has the DHCP service running.  SO like:

Server Name      Service   Status

I found services under Logs but selecting to show Service Name for any machine brings no results.  I've tried with no filters to try and get a huge list, but no results.  Am I missing something?  I appreciate all the help in advance as I try to figure this beast out.

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  • Not ideal but I'm going to answer your question with another

    Why are you looking for a report on the status of services? Would it be better to just restart it and alert if it goes down?

  • You could also track the times it went down and required a restart as well

    is that what you're looking for?

  • Hello  

    Job well done on setting up Service Desk when no one else would touch it!

    Ultimately, you will need to configure a monitor set to check the service status.

    This is what inserts the data within the database table, your report part is calling.

    If you have no data in the monitoring database tables, it will return no data found when you execute the report.

    Let me know if you would like me to clarify further.

    Best Regards,