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The new Line Chart option

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I've been trying out the new Line chart option but is unable to set it up correcly.

For example I want a Disk Space over time report - for say 30 days on a specific drive or server.
Another example is number of installations of "x" over time. Good for seeing trends in license usage.

Or online agents over time. There isn't any "Time" or "Date" category in the Line Chart options.

Anyone figured out good use of the Line Chart?

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  • Has no one used the Line Chart?

  • A line chart is most often used to represent time-based data with a varying numerical value. Look for report parts that include both a time-based column and a second column containing a varying numerical value.

    Some report parts—like the Monitor Counter Logs report part —include a Time (UTC) that can be used to construct time-based line charts.

    Enter a time based column in the Line Category field. Enter a varying numerical value column in the Line Value column. Optionally enter a column used to group values into separate lines in the Line Series column. You can also use a non-numerical column, but if so, you must select an aggregation of COUNT or COUNT_BIG.

    You will probably want to Order By the time-based column, to ensure that a time-based data is sorted left to right accurately. A source table with time-based data may not have been populated in time-based order.

    After previewing the line chart, you may decide to filter out ranges of values, to produce more meaningful trend lines. 

  • Hiya Don,

    I have produced a report based on your described process above.

    However, I get one graph, without being able to select which specific Counter Log I need to see.

    What am I looking at, is it all information purged into a single graph?

    How would you filter out a specific counter ?


    Report output:

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  • Michael,

    See the attached images. First of all, just reminder. You should be using MS Reporting Services rather than Kaseya Reporting Services for Line charts.

    I think your own image of your settings in this thread shows the multiline option turned off. Turn that on, then set the enabled Line Series field to Counter Instance, meaning you want a separate line display for each counter instance.

    On the Filter page, I filtered values less than one to remove instances that had little or no data to display on the chart.

    Also, this sample chart was generated for a single machine's data. In other words, you'd use this report part configuration for a single machine.

    Hope that helps. 

    Don Giroux
    Senior Technical Writer