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HELP creating detailed weekly server report

  • Hi Guys

    I am hoping someone can help me with this, I have been using kaseya for about 2 years now but I cannot get my head around the reporting so we have booked time in to do the Kaseya training.

    In the meantime I was wondering if someone can help me create or provide me with a report that can do what the excel document attached has in it.

    Currently we are doing this manually to over 100 servers, Which as you can imagine is time consuming!

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


    We are on K7

  • I don't see the attached document.

    It took me about 6 months to get my head around the new reporting, to get everything I could into our Monthly Summary Audit Report and I had to make a lot of concessions and compromises to get something half decent out of it.

    To get the most out of the new reporting you will need to learn how to create SQL queries and datasets. If its not your thing you should consider getting somebody else to do it for you as its not a simple task.

  • Server maintenace document.xlsx

    Thank you for your reply. 
    I thought that may be an answer... I suppose I shall have to brush up on my SQL

    I have attached the document again, not sure why it didn't come across in the first place.

  • So I had a quick look at your report example unlike mine that is about 20pages in size this should be fairly easy to do and the hardest part I can see is to format the data for some of the values you want to generate.

    If you want to stick to the aggregated table format then you have 3 options;

    1) Build a custom view that joins the different tables together in a single view and create a custom report that can access it. Its possible but not in my current skill set.

    2) Create a custom Field for each column in your report, this is very easy to do and all you would have to do is pull the info for each field either from the Kaseya database or the machine with the agent.

    3) You could use either VBscript or PowerShell on each machine to generate the data for each field and send it to a single server for it to be collated into a single Excel file.

    Out of the 3 option number 2 would be the easiest way to go and I would start off with creating a custom field for each of the fields in your report (excluding the headers) and populate them with what can you already pull out of Kaseya or the computer using agent procedures.

    Once you have that done look at the ones that are harder and request some help for them on the forums.