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PHP Based NOC Dashboard with Sourcecode

  • Hi Graig,

    I'm going to start using your dashboard again. Have been working with it in the past, but my PC was redone....

    Is the installation stuff still the same ?


  • The instructions provided in the readme.txt file that is included in the archive are accurate, and the basic process has not changed since earlier versions.

    The next release will change a little, as I intend to overhaul/add security and this means not storing the SQL password in a place that is accessible (i.e. noc.ini needs to not live in a www-visible folder). I will probably re-write the help file as well since there are now small differences between 6.5, 7.0 and R8 that could do with being documented more clearly.

  • ok, I'll wait the new release.

  • Probably better to set it up now. the"next release" may be months away as I only do this on the side as a hobby --- i'm not paid to write this :)

    Having said that I should have some bugfixes out soon as a result of feedback in the recent release.

  • Where is the setup and source code posted for download?

  • Ahh, there are a couple of different threads about the NOC.... I sometimes don't keep up with them all :)

    The downloads are now on GitHub here: github.com/.../Kaseya-NOC

    The main NOC discussion thread is at community.kaseya.com/.../17555.aspx