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Legacy Executive Summary Report - Changed by upgrades?

  • Can anyone who is running VSA 7,0 tell me if if makes changes to the legacy Executive Summary reports like 6.5 did?  We just discovered that they added sections for KES/KAV/KAM to ALL our saved reports after our upgrade, so all our customers received a report last week that says we have no AV installed on their systems and are not scanning them since we don't use Kaseya's products for this today.  I don't recall any release notes indicating that existing saved reports would be modified at all, especially this old legacy one!  We plan to test 7.0 very soon and will be sure to check this, but I am curious if anyone else can identify this ahead of time for me.  Thanks in advance!

  • We also still use these quite a bit.  I haven't upgraded to 7 yet.  I am very interested in the answer to this question as well. Thanks.