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Microsoft Audit - Need SQL and Exchange License Info

  • Hey everyone, 

    One of our clients is having a Microsoft audit being done right now and we are utilizing some Kaseya reporting for our own auditing purposes. I have been able to set up a pretty decent Microsoft License report but it cannot find licenses that sit on top of other programs (i.e. SQL and Exchange). I was wondering if anyone knew how to set something up to find this license info or if someone knew of a way to set up a good Microsoft License report. 

    Admittedly, I am rather new to Kaseya and the IT field in general so bear with me. Just ask if you want me to provide more details. Thank you for your time

  • Most Microsoft server licences are 'paper' only - there is nothing to type into the computer, so there is no way to audit this by any means.

    e.g. windows server CALs, SBS (08,11) CALs, Exchange CALs, SQL CALs, are all paper only. These can only be audited the traditional way - locate the physical paper licence with COA, or the supplier invoice showing the purchase.

  • We're going through the same thing, were you able to use Kaseya in any way for this?

  • I Have used the license part for serial keys allocated to machines